Father Matthew (1956)

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New Play:


First performance:
Opening night:
Final performance:
Aubrey Colin
Yes (see note)

Library Theatre
Concert Room, Scarborough Library

12 July 1956
12 July 1956
15 August 1956

Stage Manager:
Asst. Stage Manager:
David de Keyser

Margaret Tabor
James Wootton
Joan Adamson
Ann, her daughter
Clive, her son
Robert Loudon
Doreen, his wife
Mrs Charworth
Matthew Adamson
Paul Christy
Betty Cardno
Shirley Jacobs
Peter Bridgmont
Walter Hall
Joan Cibber
Margaret Rubel
Harry Hancock
John Rees


Father Matthew actually had its first performance in London on 8 July 1956. The company performed it as part of Stephen Joseph's weekly Studio Theatre Club performances at the Mahatma Gandhi Assembly Hall in Fitzroy Square, London. However, this is regarded as a preview performance with the play's actual opening being considered as during the same week at the Library Theatre, Scarborough.
The play was performed without an interval.

With thanks to Mike Linham for providing details about the original London performance of Father Matthew.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.