Look Back In Anger (1957)

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John Osborne

Library Theatre
Concert Room, Scarborough Library

16 December 1957
16 December 1957
22 December 1957
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Rodney Wood

John Smith
Marlene Murray

Scarborough Theatre Trust
Jimmy Porter
Cliff Lewis
Alison Porter
Helena Charles
Colonel Redfern
Clive Goodwin
Brian Wallace
Prunella Saenger
Celia Hewitt
Rodney Wood


Whilst Stephen Joseph had some respect for what Look Back In Anger achieved and represented (essentially the play which launched the ‘angry young man’ trope in theatre), he did not necessarily think it was a great play as he wrote in 1958: “[Osborne’s The Entertainer] was not a good play, but then, come to think of it, nor was Look Back In Anger a good play. It is a measure of the inadequacy of most new plays that this one was so generally acclaimed.”
Look Back In Anger was one of the plays presented during Studio Theatre Ltd's inaugural winter season at the Library Theatre, Scarborough.
Look Back In Anger was presented without an interval.
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