Love After All (1959)

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Roland Allen (Alan Ayckbourn)

Library Theatre
Concert Room, Scarborough Library

21 December 1959
21 December 1959
26 December 1959
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Stage Manager:
Clifford Williams

Ann Hughesdon
Paul Levy
Scrimes, a miser
Minta, his maid
Angelica, his daughter
Rupert Hodge, her suitor
Jim Jones, a hero
David Campton
Faynia Jeffery
Dona Martyn
William Elmhirst
Barry Boys


Love After All was Alan Ayckbourn's second full-length, commissioned play. Alan Ayckbourn joined the Studio Theatre Ltd company in 1957 as a stage manager, progressing to actor, later playwright, then director and eventually Artistic Director of the company in 1972.
The play was written with the intention of the lead role being played by Alan Ayckbourn, however the playwright was called up for (a short-lived) National Service and was unable to take on the role. He would later perform it in a revival of the play in Scarborough in 1960.
Love After All is credited to Roland Allen, a pseudonym used by Alan Ayckbourn during the writing of his first four plays.
Roland Allen was actually an amalgamation of the name of both Alan Ayckbourn and his first wife, Christine Roland. It reflected the fact that his first play, The Square Cat, was a collaboration between Alan and Christine. Although Christine has a little input into Love After All, she did not contribute to any of Alan's other plays which were produced under the pseudonym.


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