Just Between Ourselves (1976)

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First performance:
Final performance:
Alan Ayckbourn

Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre
Lecture Room, Scarborough Library

28 January 1976
28 January 1976
31 January 1976

17 June 1976
11 September 1976

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Deputy Stage Manager:
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Assistant Stage Manager:
Assistant Stage Manager:
Alan Ayckbourn
Helga Wood

Richard Roscoe
Peter Chadwick
Stephen Lowe
Wendy Murray
Christopher J. Gray
Vera, his wife
Marjorie, Dennis's mother
Christopher Godwin
Polly Warren
Malcolm Hebden
Janet Dale
Alison Skilbeck

Why is this play significant?

The final play to be produced at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre (as it was for the company's second home, the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round). Alan notoriously tells the story that this proved to b the final straw for the Library when the chief librarian came into work one morning to find a Morris Minor outside his office on the first floor of the Library; a good story, but untrue as the company knew they would be leaving the library by the time the shell of the car was taken apart to get into the Library and then reassembled within.


Just Between Ourselves was premiered at the end of the 1975 winter season at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre with just six performances (which sold out as soon as they were put on sale). This was intended as a taster for the 1976 summer season when the play was scheduled for a normal run in the repertory.
Just Between Ourselves was the final production to be staged at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre with the final performance being on 11 September 1976 prior to the company's move to its second home, Theatre in the Round at Westwood.
Although the two runs of the show are considered to be the same production, there was a slight alteration in the cast when the play returned for the summer season with Heather Stoney taking over from Polly Warren as Vera and Elspeth Charlton taking over from Janet Dale as Marjorie.
Although Just Between Ourselves was written with the intention of it being staged in-the-round, the original production was staged three-sided (thrust) due to the limitations of the performance space (see note below). When the play was revived during the 1976 summer season in the larger space, Alan Ayckbourn decided to keep it in the thrust configuration for ease and the play was not performed in-the-round in Scarborough until 1996 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round.
During the 1974 and 1975 winter seasons at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, the Library Committee did not make the venue's Concert Room available; this room being where Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre had been based since 1955. In its place, a smaller room on the same floor - the Lecture Room - was offered but which could not incorporate theatre-in-the-round with productions performed three-sided (thrust).


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