Stephen Joseph Theatre: Significant Plays

The Stephen Joseph Theatre opened in 1996 and is continues to be the present home of theatre in the round in Scarborough. From its opening in 1996 to 31 March 2009, Alan Ayckbourn was the Artistic Director and continued to champion Stephen Joseph's founding principles of promoting new plays and playwrights. This page lists some of the most significant productions from this period until Alan Ayckbourn. Stepped down as Artistic Director of the company. Click on a play-title to find out more.

A complete decade-by-decade list of every play produced from 1955 can be found via
The Complete Plays page.

Note: This is a subjective choice made by Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd, and is only intended to give a taste of productions at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round during the years 1966 - 2008.

Significant Plays

By Jeeves by Alan Ayckbourn (1996)
Forty Years On by Stephen Jeffreys (1996)
All Things Considered by Ben Brown (1996)
Things We Do For Love by Alan Ayckbourn (1997)
The Farmer's Bride by Ged McKenna (1997)
Fool To Yourself by Robert Shearman (1997)
Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn (1998)
Perfect Pitch by John Godber (1998)
A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen (1998)
House & Garden by Alan Ayckbourn (1999)
Designs On His Body by Helen Kelly (1999)
A Listening Heaven by Torben Betts (1999)
Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn (2000)
Damsels in Distress by Alan Ayckbourn (2001)
Amaretti Angels by Sarah Phelps (2001)
Whispers Along The Patio by David Cregan (2001)
The Safari Party by Tim Firth (2002)
Something Blue by Gill Adams (2002)
Bedtime Stories by Lesley Bruce (2003)
Making Waves by Stephen Clark (2003)
Private Fears in Public Places by Alan Ayckbourn (2004)
Spittin' Distance by Toby Davis & Grant Holding (2005)
Playing God by Marks & Gran (2005)
Villette by Lisa Evans (2005)
Purvis by Nick Warburton (2006)
If I Were You by Alan Ayckbourn (2006)
Intimate Exchanges by Alan Ayckbourn (2007)
Touch Wood by Nick Warburton (2007)
The Swing of Things by Torben Betts (2007)
Jack Lear by Ben Benison (2008)
Awaking Beauty by Alan Ayckbourn (2008)
All research by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce the images without permission.